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Who can register and why?

You run accommodations for tourists (hotel, holiday village, rental lodgings, bed-and-breakfast, camping facilities, etc.), you care about the environment, and you want to know more about the EU Ecolabel. Sign up to find out more about the label's criteria and requirements. You can carry out an initial assessment to see how your establishment measures up to EU Ecolabel standards, free of charge and without commitment.

You run a tourist establishment that is already certified under the EU Ecolabel. Sign up to be sure that your establishment appears on the map of certified accommodations, and create an information sheet that can be consulted by the general public, at no cost. This tool will also help you through the steps to renew your certification.

With registration you will have access to practical tools to manage and measure the progress of your EU Ecolabel project. These include detailed explanation of the EU Ecolabel criteria, specific case studies, online self-audit, design and management of an action plan, monitoring energy and water consumption, downloadable templates for documentation of compliance, online backup of your application file, and submission of your certification application to the competent body if you choose this option.

Your organisation works with tourist accommodation providers to obtain EU Ecolabel certification (chambers of commerce, tourism offices, consulting firms). Sign up free of charge to use our tools to monitor progress by the establishments you advise. If authorised by the establishment, you can access their online files to work with your partners on their audits and action plans, and offer relevant advice.


See the Workspace page for more detailed presentation of the workspace, the Demo user space, webinars and more.

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