General terms of use

  • Texts
Save where it is provided otherwise, the texts that are published by Ecolabel Toolbox on the web site can be reused on any medium (paper, electronic) in France, or on French web sites or web sites aimed at a French audience. 

This authorisation does not constitute a license. It is provided on a temporary basis and does not imply a right to adapt or to modify the elements that are used. It can be withdrawn by Ecolabel Toolbox at any moment in time. Ecolabel Toolbox does not provide any warranty whatsoever in this respect, a fact that the user expressly acknowledges. 

The authorisation is granted subject to the users involved systematically and visibly indicating the source of the material, as follows: “Source: Ecolabel Toolbox (”. In case of reuse of information on a digital medium, this statement must be accompanied by a hypertext link pointing to the web site of Ecolabel Toolbox. 

The information cannot be reused, whether directly or indirectly, for commercial purposes. In case of any doubt, users wishing to reuse a document should contact Ecolabel Toolbox. 

This authorisation does not exempt users from having to respect the rights of third parties.
  • Videos
Users have the possibility to view and share the videos that are accessible on, free of charge, on other electronic communication media. Users hereby pledge to access the videos solely for streaming purposes so as to ensure that the data is viewed in real time and is not downloaded (be it permanently or temporarily), copied, stored or redistributed.
  • Visual elements: logos, trademarks, photographs, illustrations, Flash animations
The visual elements (logos, trademarks, images, photographs, illustrations, Flash animations) that are depicted on this web site belong to Ecolabel Toolbox or their respective holders.Any use thereof is prohibited save in the case of an express agreement of Ecolabel Toolbox or the holders in question.

If you have signed a written contract with Ecolabel Toolbox accurately describing the way in which you may use its visual elements, you do not need to follow this approval procedure, unless you wish to modify the terms of use that are defined by your existing contract. 

Under no circumstance may you reuse a document, the name of Ecolabel Toolbox or one of its distinctive signs, or refer to Ecolabel Toolbox’s web site, in a way which would lead one to believe that Ecolabel Toolbox has provided its backing or granted its approval for your products, services or activities, or has sponsored, accepted or endorsed them. 

Ecolabel Toolbox shall be entitled to take action against any person who should not comply with these terms and conditions. 

Request for authorisation
All requests for authorisation should be sent to : 
For each request: 
- please describe the subject-matter of the request 
- please state the web page in which the document in question is positioned (copy of the url) 
- please state the planned use of the information

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